NFC, QR Codes and How To Use Them

First of all, let us explain what NFC and QR Codes are. NFC, short for Near Field Communication is a method by which information can be transferred to your phone. The information is stored on a chip which is activated when an NFC enabled smartphone comes into close proximity to it. The phone “reads” the chip and then uses the information appropriately, for example by displaying a link to a website. You may have seen the NFC logo and the phrase “Tap to Scan” on street level advertising such as that at bus stops. This is the system that is used by Android and Apple for their contactless payment in shops.

QR Codes, short for Quick Reference, are to all intents and purposes the same as barcodes. However, whilst a barcode can only hold a very small amount of information, a QR Code can hold a relatively large amount. This is becoming more popular as a means of marketing in the media as it has been seen to be more accessible than simply printing a web address; scanning a QR Code with a smartphone using a suitable app can take a user directly to the relevant page on the advertiser’s website.

For this trail we will be integrating both of these technologies. The plaques that we are designing will have a QR Code prominently displayed and an NFC chip embedded, both containing the same data – a link to a video depicting a part of the story of the location.

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