Lafford Terrace

By 1856, local builders Kirk and Parry had commenced work on Lafford Terrace and ten years later they had created 3 homes, probably numbers 5, 6 and 7. They were of Palladian style, which could be associated with properties in Cheltenham and Bath; the dwellings were very much for the middle classes. Today, they are used as the headquarters on North Kesteven District Council.

1871, Lafford Terrace – Miss Elizabeth Delacour

Around the time that we meet Elizabeth, the nation was undergoing a revolution of sorts. It had been realised that education was a good thing and that every child should be entitled to one. Acts of Parliament were being passed, schools were being established at a furious rate and standards rose accordingly. Miss Delacour was the mistress of a small school that she had established after spending a life in education, one of several such in the area at the time, probably to cater to the sons and daughters of the wealthier members of Sleaford society.

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Lafford Terrace

Lafford Terrace