Trail Project

The creation of an audio-visual Heritage Trail through Sleaford promoting the town’s Heritage assets, encouraging understanding of the towns’s history and providing an additional attraction for visitors to the area.

A number of local buildings and locations of special interest have been identified by Dr Simon Pawley, Sleaford & District Civic Trust, The Heart of Sleaford Heritage Trail team and Arts NK. A public consultation process will be launched to invite additional proposals from Sleaford residents so that a shortlist of 16 sites can be selected of which 8 will be included in a first phase of the scheme.

The final choice of sites will be determined after consultation with property owners, the local planning authority and Conservation Officer. Shortlisted sites will then be assessed for the availability of 4G connection and proximity to Wifi hot spots.

Sleaford Heritage Trail will provide and audio-visual presentation on visitors’ smartphones which is accessed through both a QR code and NFC chip attached to or in close proximity to the Heritage property.

The video will contain a presentation by an actor dressed in period costume assuming the role of a former resident of the property who will briefly explain activities carried on at the site at that point in time. The duration of the video will be 2 minutes for the use at the trail hub and edited to 1 minute for the mobile use to allow for fast downloading.

This will enable visitors to join the trail at any point and also to obtain information regarding specific sites.

To make following the trail as easy as possible we will use ‘What3Words’ addresses, which can be used with the free ‘Navmii’ satnav app to get directions either on foot or by car. Links for both are available on the useful links page.